Jig Competition Videos

Three Stags made it down to Sidmouth this year and we entered the John Gasson Memorial Jig Competition for the third year running, with the help of two musicians.

Firstly, we have Lisa dancing Sheperd’s Hey with Gareth Kiddier on Melodeon. Kudos to Gareth for picking this up so fast as he was originally supposed to be on the keyboard but technical issues thwarted them at the last moment!

John Gasson’s mum and sister were on the judging panel this year and picked Lisa’s jig as the one which most emulated John’s playful spirit (apologies if I misunderstood this) and she won a pork pie and some mustard as a result. Legend has it that John could eat an entire pork pie and jar of mustard on his own. Lisa is a vegetarian, however, so enlisted the help of many hungry morris dancers at the pub afterwards instead.

Black Hart also entered a double jig with the help of Matt Norman on the fiddle. This is My Lord Sherborne in in Longborough style, rather than Sherborne, as the name might suggest.

It was a lot of fun to dance but it’s too bad Anna messed up right at the end.

The Jig Competition is always an enjoyable event and it’s great to see the creativity of teams and individuals displayed every year. You’ll be able to see more excellent jigs from the 2016 competition linked to the ones shown above.