Stags at Sidmouth

Another summer, another John Gasson Memorial Jig Competition at Sidmouth Folk Week. I think that, being primarily a jig team, we will try to enter something every year. It at least gives us a good reason to hobnob with other morris teams on the South Coast once a year.

We danced with some good teams on the sea front, including Makeney morris, Berkshire Bedlam and Windsor Morris, before heading off to the competition. There were some fantastic jigs; it’s always a good place to go to get inspiration and to see what other people are doing with The Morris.

Lisa entered a single jig with Sam playing and then, after getting her breath back, sang for Sam and Anna’s double jig. This was specifically written after last year’s competition to the song ‘Pilgrimage’ written by Jess Arrowsmith.

It’s a touching lament about war and we hope we did it justice. A few people remarked that we had made their eyes well up, which isn’t usually the desired reaction from a morris dance, but we’ll take it! Anyway, we were awarded 2nd place for our efforts which we are most pleased with.

Here is a dorky picture of us wearing our medals (taken by a proud dad) which I have attempted to make look more classy using our traditional greyscale colour scheme.

Stags get 2nd